Beyond the basic double hung window. This classic window has been taken to a new architectural level. It’s easy to operate, easy to clean and fits most budgets.

Balanced sashes allow for a smooth, easy operation. Offered with hidden balances or jambliners for tilt-in application.  Also offered with rope & pulley or chain & pulley for Historic Preservation projects.

Cobb Custom double hung solid wood windows are made to your size. They are built to be easy on your energy cost too. Foam backed jambliners, top and bottom weatherstripping and positive locking mechanism help make that important tight seal.

Standard Features for Title 24 Products:

  • Extruded vinyl jambliners with foam backing and our Concealed Balance System (see #2 on diagram)
    • Vinyl jambliners* available in white or beige (tan)
      • *Vinyl Jambliner Double Hungs are not an NFRC/Title 24 Tested Product*
    • Hidden Balance also available
    • Rope & Pulley also available
    • Chain & Pulley also available
    • *ACME BALANCE NO LONGER AVAILABLE* – replaced by the hidden balance
  • 4-9/16″ solid Douglas Fir jamb – wider jamb sizes available (see #1 on diagram)
  • Solid one piece Redwood sill (see #6 on diagram)
  • Sill pans to protect against moisture intrusion (see #7 on diagram)
  • Wide selection of exterior trim (see #8 on diagram)
  • Sash are a full 1-1/2″ thick*, solid VG Douglas Fir with Tilt in feature – additional sash thicknesses available (see #3 on diagram)
    • *Vinyl Jambliner sash are 1-3/8″ thick
  • Standard layout: 2” stiles and top rail on face (does not include detail), 3-1/8” bottom rail on face (does not include detail)*
    • custom layouts available
    • *Standard layout on SDL units with OGEE (#24) detail:  1-13/16” stiles and top rail on face (2-5/16″ overall), 2-15/16” bottom rail on face (3-7/16″ overall)
  • Aluminum screens standard with UltraVue® screen mesh
    • Hidden roll screen available. Rolls down when you need it, rolls up when you don’t (certain widths and wall conditions required)
    • Wood Screen available
    • Bronze wire mesh available (90% Copper/10% Zinc)
  • Sash weatherstripped with bulb weatherstripping (see #5 on diagram)
    • Available in black, white or brown
Additional Info/Options

Vinyl Jambliner Double Hung*

*not an NFRC/Title 24 Tested Product

“Tilt-in” feature allows for easy cleaning from inside the home, (on Vinyl Jambliner Double Hungs only).

Hidden Balance Double Hung with Lugs (circled)

Lug CAD Drawing

Roll Screen