Historical (HPOZ Areas)

HPOZ Approved!

At Cobb Custom, replicating Historic wood windows and wood doors down to the finest detail is who we are.

Wood windows and doors inspire the spirit of a home or building much like nature inspires the spirit of life. The smallest changes in the elevation of a home with wood windows and doors, such as a thicker sill, wider muntin bars or custom exterior casing (or changing out wood windows and doors for vinyl, aluminum, fiberglass or even clad products) usually have a profound effect on the overall appearance of that building.

That is why most historic districts, such as the Historic Preservation Overlay Zone (HPOZ) in Los Angeles, pay special attention to preserve wood windows and wood doors on houses in those historic areas.

Nothing else looks like a real solid wood window!

The fine details of an ogee sticking or a true putty-glazed exterior stop cannot be replicated by plastic (vinyl), aluminum or fiberglass.

Historic wood window and door areas throughout California vary quite significantly. Project requirements tend to span across a wide swath within the term “Historic”. From “Matching Exact” specifications where all details must be replicated, or building a Double Hung window with the rope and pulley system, to simply replacing a wood window with another wood window, Cobb Custom has been the go-to manufacturer in Southern California for Historical Projects for decades. Our product details are the Gold Standard that other mills have since copied. So whether you are looking for a true historic solid wood window with single glazed True Divided Lites or a historic looking Title 24 tested solid wood window with dual glazed Simulated Divided Lites, Cobb Custom has you covered…since 1935!

Rope/Chain & Pulley Double Hung Window Diagram

(circa 1982)