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At Cobb Custom, we understand there comes a time when standard just won’t do… custom millwork has been our trademark for more than 85 years. Give us your design, we will work hard to make your idea come to life. Think of the possibilities.


Whether it’s the unmistakable style of the Hotel Del Coronado, the nationally recognized historic Sofia Hotel in San Diego, or a custom Entry for your home, Cobb Custom’s skilled craftsman can help make your dreams a reality.  Keep the look and feel of existing windows that fit perfectly with the time period of your neighborhood while reducing your energy costs.

Cobb Custom has been preserving the Architectural Historic Character of California for over 85 years.


From our beautifully designed Sliding and Swinging French Doors to our elegant and sophisticated Front Entry Doors (both customer and factory designed), we continue to set the industry standard for quality, innovation and attention to detail.

Whether you are replacing an existing French Door, Front Entry Door, Interior or Exterior Door, let Cobb Custom turn your home into a showcase.

Radius & Custom Shapes

One of the unique features of customization is radius windows and doors, and custom shapes.  These windows and doors may be made to the customer’s exact specifications.

Custom shapes, and radius windows and doors allow the customer to personalize their home.  As seen in the White House, radius windows and back hoops allow unequaled elegance and beauty.  When designing your next project remember the elegance that radius windows and doors, and other custom shapes, can bring to your home.

NFRC / Title 24 Tested Products

We have a number of NFRC TESTED window and door products that can be used to meet Title 24 requirements, while still allowing for some customization on your project! 

See lists of our tested window and door products.  Each product is linked directly to the NFRC website to give you their various ratings.  We also have a Title 24 Default Value Chart for non-tested window and door products.

Historical (HPOZ Areas)

Historical Products/ Projects (HPOZ Areas)

At Cobb Custom, replicating Historic wood windows and wood doors down to the finest detail is who we are.

From “Matching Exact” specifications where all details must be replicated, or building a Double Hung window with the rope and pulley system, to simply replacing a wood window with another wood window, Cobb Custom has been the go-to manufacturer in Southern California for Historical Projects for decades!

Our Pledge of Quality, Innovation & Service


The variety of products manufactured by Cobb Custom is truly staggering. But, throughout our diverse product line, there is one common element – the T.M. Cobb trademark. Our trademark is a symbol of the quality that we build into every door and window we manufacture – whether we’re producing ten items or ten thousand.

No one lasts over eightyfive years in the building industry by accident. Success like ours requires an extraordinary dedication to excellence in all areas of the business. Compare our years of experience, quality products, range of service, quick response and reliability with anyone in the industry. At T.M. Cobb, these qualities are what all of us are committed to each and every day.


As an industry leader, T.M. Cobb has been at the forefront of major developments in the process of manufacturing doors and windows. To stay ahead in the changing marketplace, our research and development department searches constantly for newer and better materials, more innovative designs, and more efficient and productive manufacturing processes.

At T.M. Cobb, our commitment to progress in general, and specifically to dependably supply the best products and materials at the most cost effective prices, is as important today as it was in Ty Cobb’s day. And it will only become more important as we move into our nineth decade.


Since the earliest days of our company, the name T.M. Cobb has been synonymous with high quality products and materials. But if there is one thing we value as much as our commitment to quality products, it is our commitment to reliable service.

Although T.M. Cobb is one of the largest manufacturers and distributors in the industry, we take a very personal approach to our relationships with the goal of providing benefits for all. We consider our relationships with dealers, builders, tradesmen and homeowners to be true partnerships, which form the cornerstone of our business.

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