Awning Window (open)

The most underrated window we manufacture because you can design it’s use stacked above or below a fixed or operable window. Use our solid wood awning window to solve the need for light but the concern for privacy by installing high in the room.

Our Awnings offered as crank out, or push out with butt hinges or friction hinges.

Standard Features for Title 24 Products:

  • Crank out operator standard
    • Push out with butt hinges or friction hinges also available
  • Sash are a full 1-1/2″ thick, solid VG Douglas Fir
  • Standard layout: 2” stiles and top rail on face (does not include detail), 3-1/8” bottom rail on face (does not include detail)*
    •   custom layouts available
    •   *Standard layout on SDL units with OGEE (#24) detail:  1-13/16” stiles and top rail on face (2-5/16″ overall), 2-15/16” bottom rail on face (3-7/16″ overall)
  • **IMPORTANT** Window units ordered in paint or STAIN grade Douglas Fir with SDL grids – SDL exterior grids will come as primed Accoya as our default
    • Note: VG Douglas Fir STAIN grade grids are available upon request, but are subject to “No Warranty”!
  • Aluminum screens standard with UltraVue® screen mesh
    • Wood Screen available
    • Bronze wire mesh available (90% Copper/10% Zinc)
    • Charcoal wire mesh available
  • Completely weatherstripped with bulb weatherseal to form a double weatherstripped system
    • Available in black, white or brown
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